Saturday, October 16, 2010

Monday, October 11, 2010

More Alliterations

Bumbling British Burglars Bombastically Barricaded, Bequeathed Barking Boasts Between Barry Bobkins Back Behind Blue Blazer's Beboppin' Bosnian Botanical Backgammon Boards.

Flaming Freddy Followell Figits Following Freakishly Festive Formals, Furthermore Finding Forlorn French Families Flexing Fixed Flemish Fish For Forgetting First Fist Fight Fright Formulated For Fabulous Franklin Flush.

Unusually Unforgiving Urban Ukrainian Under-lords Usurped Ukuleles and Unearthed Uncomfortable Unguents.

Yes, Yanni Yelps Yearly Yearning for Yelling Yellow Yaks.

Ronald Regan and Robert Redford Relax Reflecting on Range Rovers Repopulating Religiously.

Xenophobic Xhosas ride Xebecs while Xeroxing Xylophones.

Zealous Zionists Zap Zirconium Zygote Zest and Zonk Zany Zaftig Zebu and Zebra Zombies drinking Zinfandel.

Howard Hughes Hazardously Hangs Humongous Horizontally Heated Hearths, and Heckles Herbert Hoover's Hat.

Official Oval Office Operators Often Obliterate Open Ox Obituaries while Organists Obnoxiously Obscure Obscene Obstetricians.

Easy E Enthusiastically Earns Electric Energy Every Evening.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Unused Submissions

Taken from: Iron Jaw, Plastic Man, and Planet Of Vampires respectively.