Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Segment!!!! Badass Older Comics I Stumble Upon #1

I go searching in the 50 cent bins a lot, you can find hidden treasures among other shittier comics. You can find newer stuff, but I also happen to come across a lot of older comics. Stuff from the late 60's to the 70's or so. Which I've found to be some of the funniest/greatest stuff I've ever read.

The first book I'll talk about is from Atlas Comics, it's called IRON JAW
! Basically a Conan/ Krull type but...with a fucking iron jaw. I found issue #2 (there were only 4 issues apparently), which featured our hero battling a huge bear. It was titled IRONJAW the KING!

Here are some selected quotes that I found irresistible:

This one was on the first page, a kind of primer to this badass named Ironjaw.

"He rode from the forest astride a great UNICORN, this fearsome warrior with an IRON JAW. His weapons are the bow, the knife, and the axe, and wherever he goes, DEATH follows. For his is not a shining legend of heroism, but a hideous saga of one man's survival."

This last one happens to be a the last line of of the book.

"As for me, I would rather wonder the Earth ALONE, or ride with TARLOK and his band of ROBBERS! At least they respect what is truly IMPORTANT in my life...FIGHTING...STEALING....and worshiping the STARS!!"

You can find more information about the comics here: (you can also scope out the Neal Adam's covers for this issue and the first)

Also I could not go without drawing Iron Jaw so for your pleasure: