Monday, September 27, 2010

Big Trouble In Little China


Seriously if you have yet to see this movie, go out and get to it. It's amazing.

Monday, September 20, 2010


The Paltry Prowess of Powerful Principalities.

The Sacrificial Sun-dried Student Superficially Shuns the Soured Suspects Slinky Sheets.

Advanced Astronauts Accidentally Allow Access Across Artificial Areas.

Dirty Demonic Dead-heads Deliberately Diss "Dirty Deeds" Describing Defiantly as Done to Death.

Quivering Queens Quickly Quit Quipping.

Tectonically Thrusting Thirsting Tigers Totally Thought Tiny Tim Tragically Toasted his Trousers Totaling Ted Turner's Titanic Tibetan Tribute Telecast.

the Carbolic Cavities of the Clunky Celebratory Conventions Continuously Convulse Comically Causing Caches Carrying Condiments to Charte Cathedral

Vicious Vaudevill Vixen Vivien Vandersloot Vanished Visiting Vivacious Veteran Ventriloquist Victor Vonhimmel Victoriously Vamping in Vegas.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Prison Pit

I've known for some time that Johnny Ryan was awesome. So I had a pretty good idea that the first volume of Prison Pit would be badass. I was right. Now the time for volume 2 has come, it too was supremely badass. You should all read them, it's totally worth it.

Previews for both volumes.

My rendition of the main character: C.F. (Cannibal Fuckface)